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Hello Friends,


 is a daughter and homemaker from two lovely Bengali families. At present she lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband Amitava & baby CoCo.

They both are originally from greater Kolkata (Mankundu) and real food lovers.

Cooking, learning about new recipes, listening and singing old songs in lonely afternoons are her hobbies. Arpita is also a big fan and follower of authentic bengali cooking and very much all kinds of indian street foods. Everyday as a self taught cook she paints her food with spices, colors, love and care. Behind everything Amitava is her real inspiration. After marriage, getting compliments from husband about cooking is a great achievement for her. Trying different cuisines and traveling various places are her favourite hobbies.

This blog is the reflection of her love towards food and passion for travel. Travel and food they are like two sides of a coin and co-exist or better to say compliments each other. To experience various culture and their food, you need to visit places and thats what she is trying to portray here in her blog.

So, she heartily invites you all to take a colorful journey through her little "Spicy World" ...

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