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Corona Virus / COVID-19


World is going through very critical time, the Corona Virus (COVID-19) has become a pandemic across the globe affecting 199 countries (as on March 29). This virus doesn't care about the religion, cast or financial status of any person or country. We all must be self aware and needs to build solid habit of maintaining self-hygiene. This blog will be completely diffetent from our other regular blogs, this will not have fancy food photographs, videos or our travel experience. We want every reader to please please follow the government and WHO defined guidelines in this time of crisis to avoid the upcoming turmoil in global economy. Whatever posts we are now making are either from old pics/videos or was from under processing content from previous time. We do respect and are aware that lots of common people are not having enough food for their family due to the lockdown in India. We do feel about them and we will make all possible effort to help any individuals whatever extent we can.

Corona Virus / COVID-19

How big it is:
Across the globe as of today 32000 death occurred due to this new strain of corona virus. As per Worldometers.
It started from Wuhan China (information as per various websites & media) in late 2019. And then started across China.
It started spreading across globe starting January 2020. The virus is so contagious that it spread quite fast.
How it spreads:
It spreads human to human very fast by close contact and via respiratory droplets from infected persons
How to protect ourselves:
It is said, "prevention is better than cure". So we all need to be aware on how to protect ourselves from this virus.
Clean your hands on regular interval. When you comeback from outside (go outside only if it's absolutely needed), you touched anything that came from outside, before eating.
Avoid close contacts with others, mainly if someone is sick try to keep safe distance from them and self-isolation is a must need.
Use face mask if you are sick and if you go outside.
Do not touch your face, mouth, eyes or ears if your hand are not clean.
Clean items those came from outside using proper alcohol based cleaners that way you can remove possible virus along with their surface.
How we can help society:
Lots of countries are on a complete locked down at this moment, in India we are also in a locked down for 21 days. So we have some social responsibilities to follow in this time of locked down.
We must follow the government specified rules and/or guidelines.
We must not panic and stock more food, than we can consume. That way the market is not out of stock and regular commodity items are not surging price.
We need to maintain social distancing to avoid the human to human spread whenever we go outside, standing a queue for grocery etc.
Report any sort of price hike or unfair demands from shopkeepers to appropriate government authorities.
Stay home as much as possible. Only go out if it's absolutely necessarry like collecting grocery.
Symptoms of coronavirus:
Cough, Fever, Tiredness, Difficulty breathing. Here you can find more details: WHO Website
Possible after effects of coronavirus:
As of now, lots of manufacturing businesses are completely shoutdown due to the coronavirus. World is going through tough time, both government and private sectors are loosing man power due to lockdowns and fear of the virus infection which creates a big vaccume in production. As per the report published on "The Economic Times", where IMF MD mentioned "It is now clear that we have entered a recession as bad or worse than in 2009" The possible recovery may happen in 2021. Which means it will lead to lots of job cuts, money flow will be less in the market, loans will be unpaid which means banks may see slowdown in business which will impact the interest percentage of your savings a/c.
Small business where the payments are made on day to day basis to the employees, already started struggling. The staffs are not getting payed at this moment. After effects will be much worst in case the world economy struggles.
Hotels, resturants will see less traffic, operating any luxury business may also face challenges as the buying capacity may go down for common crowd.
What we should focus now:
Eat healthy, do some exercise that we are comfortable with. This will boost our immunity and keep us active and our body will be in good shape.
Try to do our own stuffs as much as possible instead of depending upon others e.g. cooking, cleaning etc to avoid spread of virus.
Stay at home.
Seek medical attention if you feel sick, do not hide or keep others in dark in case you have any health concerns.
We appreciate:
We appreciate all the efforts made by the governments. Be it lockdown decision or facilitating the citizens with medical awareness and health care amenities.
Business houses who came forward and extended their hands towards the relief of this pandemic.
Doctors, nurses, health workers who all are working towards the cure of the patients.

Note: All the information mentioned in this blog post are taken from various trusted websites, few of them are linked and mentioned above. Any information which seems to be incorrect, we do apologise for that and please let us know by writing to contact@spicyworld.in we will correct them as soon as possible.
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