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Chicken Kosha
Nonveg Recipe
Dec 8, 2015
In India, one of the common nonveg curry is 'chicken kosha'. I think everybody is familiar with this name. After making the masala, we add the chicken pieces and mix them. During this mixing process we do not add water, thats why we named it 'kosha' or 'bhuna'. You can make same curry with mutton, potato, egg etc. They all tastes really delicious. I maintained the recipe very simple and easy. Try ...
Mutton Kosha (Bengali style)
Nonveg Recipe
Nov 23, 2015
I love to eat mutton in any preparation, but do you have any experience of 'mutton kosha'? I would love to know your story. Because this dish is one of the traditional Bengali curries. We slow cook the mutton in its own juices with gravy and spices, thats why the end result always becomes finger licking good. You can serve 'mutton kosha' along with 'steamed rice', mishti pulaao, 'luchi', 'porota' ...

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