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Niramish Aloo Torkari


This is a no onion and no garlic recipe. Usually in many 'puja's we make this kind of dishes. 'Potato curry' goes very well with 'luchi', 'paratha', 'kochuri' etc. But last tuesday I tried a new combo with 'bhatura'. Magically we both loved and enjoyed it very much. I learned this potato curry from my mom. She also follow the same recipe for 'niramish aloo dom' and it tastes always good. Try this new combo and I am sure you will love them too.

Niramish Aloo Torkari


  • 2 big potatoes peeled and cut into cubes.
  • 1 tomato chopped.
  • 1 Teaspoon ginger paste.
  • 3 green chilies.
  • Whole spices (1 Teaspoon cumin seeds, 1 bay leaf, 1 dry red chilli).
  • Spice powder (1 Teaspoon turmeric powder, half Teaspoon red chilli powder, half Teaspoon cumin powder).
  • Salt and sugar.
  • 6 Teaspoons mustard oil.
  • Warm water.


Heat mustard oil in a pan.
Add the whole spices in hot oil. If you like you can also add pinch of 'hing' / asafoetida in this stage. Saute it for 30 secs.
Cooking Step: Niramish Aloo Torkari
Now add the ginger paste and chopped tomato with pinch of salt. Mix it and cook it for 5 minutes.
Cooking Step: Niramish Aloo Torkari
When the tomato become mushy add all the spice powder and 1 Teaspoon sugar. Mix it well for 4 minutes.
Cooking Step: Niramish Aloo Torkari
Add the potatoes and green chilies. Mix this with masala very well for 5 minutes.
Cooking Step: Niramish Aloo Torkari
Then add some warm water and some salt. Cook this until the potatoes are fully done.
Cooking Step: Niramish Aloo Torkari
Check the seasoning and consistancy of the gravy.
Turn off the heat.

Your Niramish aloo torkari is ready.
  • Enjoy this hot with luchi, paratha, bhatura, naan ...

Niramish Aloo Torkari

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