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Paneer Pakora / Cottage Cheese Nuggets


Paneer Pakoras are delicious crispy vegetarian appetizer which can be served with mint or tamarind chutney and a cup of strong tea. I cut the paneer cubes from the center and filled it with green chutney as paneer has a bland taste. The recipe is very simple and easy. Your kids will love these Paneer Pakoras. Enjoy the recipe with detailed video.


  • 200 grams of paneer.
  • 2 Tablespoons of green (mint coriander) chutney.
  • 1 cup or 250 ml of besan or bengal gram flour.
  • 2 Teaspoons of red chili powder.
  • A pinch of turmeric powder.
  • A fat pinch of ajwain carom seeds.
  • Half Teaspoon of kasoori methi or dry fenugreek leaves.
  • Salt as per your taste.
  • Water as required.
  • Vegetable oil for deep frying.

Paneer Pakora / Cottage Cheese Nuggets

Paneer Pakora / Cottage Cheese Nuggets


In a bowl add besan, some salt, turmeric powder, red chili powder, ajwain and kasuri methi. Mix well.
Then add little water and start mixing with a whisk.
Do not add all of the water at a time. Always go slow, other the batter will be runny.
After mixing with a whisk, make a thick, smooth batter. Then keep it aside for 20 minutes.
In the mean time, pat dry the paneer with a dry cloth. It is very important as paneer releases water.
Then cut the paneer into thick cubes.
Now make a cut with a knife from the edge towards the center.
Fill the gap with little bit of green chutney, like a sandwich. Do not put much as it will come out.
Heat the vegetable oil in a pan.
Add 2 Tablespoons of oil in the batter, mix well.
Then dip one paneer cubes into the batter and drop it gently in the hot oil. Fry for 3-4 minutes on medium flame.
Cooking Step: Paneer Pakora / Cottage Cheese Nuggets

Additional Info

Recipe Category: Appetizers: Vegetarian
Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
Serves: 3

Your paneer pakoras are ready to serve.
  • Serve this hot with chutney and tea.

Paneer Pakora / Cottage Cheese Nuggets

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