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  • Fish Fingers (Kolkata style)

    Fish Fingers (Kolkata style)

    Feb 27, 2019

  • Dimer Dalna  / Egg & Potato curry

    Dimer Dalna / Egg & Potato curry

    Feb 26, 2019

  • Chicken Dum Biriyani (Hyderabadi style)

    Chicken Dum Biriyani (Hyderabadi style)

    Feb 23, 2019

  • Bengali Sponge Rosogolla

    Bengali Sponge Rosogolla

    Feb 18, 2019

  • Mutton Korma

    Mutton Korma

    Feb 14, 2019

  • Niramish aloor dom / Dum Aloo without Onion & Garlic

    Niramish aloor dom / Dum Aloo without Onion & Garlic

    Feb 10, 2019

  • Steamed Chicken Momo

    Steamed Chicken Momo

    Feb 7, 2019

  • Steamed Chicken Momo

    Steamed Chicken Momo

    Feb 7, 2019

  • Momo

    Momo's Chutney (smokey, hot & spicy)

    Feb 4, 2019

  • Mughlai Keema Paratha / Moglai Porota

    Mughlai Keema Paratha / Moglai Porota

    Jan 31, 2019

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Fish Kofta Curry - party style !
Mar 22, 2019
We all know what Kofta is. Kofta is almost like meatball but it is deep fried and light in weight. Last weekend one of my friend came over for dinner with her family. I cooked few dishes, one of them was this Fish Kofta Curry. Deep fried Fish balls will be cooked in a rich and creamy sauce. I got very positive feedback from everybody. Fish Kofta curry tastes awesome with fried rice, plain steamed rice or pulao. Try this delicious recipe in your kitchen and let me know how it turned out for you.
Paneer Bhapa / Steamed Paneer in Mustard Poppy seeds gravy
Mar 19, 2019
Paneer Bhapa is a very easy and flavorful Bengali veg dish which goes best with steamed rice. Bhapa means steamed. Any spicy bhapa dish like Chingri bhapa, Ilish bhapa etc will call for two important ingredients - Green chili and Mustard oil, without these two 'bhapa' will taste bland. In this Paneer Bhapa recipe, paneer will be steamed in mustard, poppy seeds, coconut and yogurt gravy within a steel box. The taste and texture of Paneer is out of the world. Try this very easy recipe in your kitchen and let me know how it turned out for you.
Chicken Bharta (Kolkata style)
Mar 14, 2019
Chicken Bharta was prepared last weekend in our lunch. The recipe is Punjabi inspired Bengali dish. A very tasty shredded (pulled) chicken preparation which is famous throughout India. It has onion and tomato based gravy with beautiful flavor of kasuri methi and Garam masala. Of course, how can I forget about the Boiled Egg? To make an excellent Chicken Bharta you have to finish it off with boiled egg yolk. In Kolkata it's a frequently ordered dish in restaurants. To bring that exact flavor of restaurant I have used 'tandoori masala', believe me, do not skip this masala because it will definitely give the taste a big uplift. Chicken bharta goes very well with any rice preparation or naan, kulcha. But pair it with some naan or plain roti to enjoy it's authentic flavor.
Malai Chum Chum / Lord Chom Chom
Mar 11, 2019
You can find so many variety of Chum Chum recipe on internet. They all taste good, I can assure you that. Today what I am going to share is Kolkata special 'Lord Chom Chom' sweet recipe, in which cylindrical shaped Paneer will be cooked in sugar syrup then they will get a good coat of thick Malai (thickened milk) and Mawa (dried milk). In one word Chom Chom = a piece of heaven. Trust me I am not kidding! While staying in West Bengal, I have never made them in my kitchen. Because there are so many sweet shops where you can find them very easily. One lord chom chom costs around Rs. 15-20/-. If you follow this recipe step by step you will get very creamy and rich Malai Chum Chum which can be the show stopper of your next get together party.
Chicken 65
Mar 7, 2019
A super spicy and fiery indo-chinese starter is 'Chicken 65'. In southern part of India, few restaurants first started selling this Chicken 65 as a quick snack and now, people from all around the world knows about Chicken 65. In USA, we get delicious Chicken 65 from Indian restaurants, it is one of our favorite appetizer and that is why I made my mind to make this dish in my kitchen. You can make this with cauliflower, paneer or with several vegetables also. Every time the taste will be awesome! This yummy starter can also be served as cocktail snacks. In this particular recipe, do not compromise the spice level as it tastes best when it's fiery! A very easy dish with loads of flavor will always satisfy your appetite. Try this in your kitchen and let me know how it turned out for you.
Doi Potol / Dahi Parwal
Mar 2, 2019
Doi Potol is a traditional Bengali vegetarian delicacy. Potol is pointed gourd or parwal. In this recipe pointed gourd will be cooked in a spicy and tangy yogurt based sauce. I didn't use onion and garlic in this, but you can if you wish. Doi Potol goes best with plain steamed rice. I kept the recipe very simple and easy. Do try this in your kitchen and let me know how it turned out for you.