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Butter Chicken / Murgh Makhani
Nonveg Recipe
Jan 19, 2016
I have someone in my house who oftenly demands to eat 'homemade-restaurant style' dinner in weekend ???. That's why last Sunday I had to make 'butter chicken' along with 'butter naan'. Nowadays 'butter chicken' is famous in all over the world. In Indian restaurants this is the mostly ordered dish. It has a tomato based, rich, velvety gravy and grilled, juicy chicken pieces. The combination was a t ...
Upma / Spicy semolina / Jhal sooji
Veg Recipe
Jan 18, 2016
A very healthy and tasty Indian breakfast is 'upma'. It is mainly a south indian dish but we all love upma. Almost twice in a week my mom gave me 'upma' in my lunchbox. I and my friends just loved it. The fresh flavours of curry leaves and green chilies, protiens from lots of vegetables will always make your breakfast tasty and healthy. The recipe is very simple and easy. Try this in your kitchen ...
Ros Bora / Dumplings in sugar syrup
Veg Recipe
Jan 14, 2016
Spring is coming my friend, spring is coming. In Bengal we celebrate 'makar sankranti' and I know that every part of india celebrates the same festival with different name and food. From childhood, I love this festival. My grandma and ma makes so many varities of food like 'pithe', 'dudh puli', 'bhaja pithe', 'soru chakli', 'ashke', 'patisapta', 'kholachi' etc with their love and affection. Each a ...
Macher Chop / Fish Croquettes / Fish Chop / Fish Cake
Nonveg Recipe
Jan 13, 2016
We, Bengalis, love to eat fish in many forms. One of the popular snack of West Bengal is 'macher chop'. Spicy crumbled fish inside and crispy coating outside - scrumptious !! We both usually enjoy this snack in the evening along with a cup of tea or with a can of beer. Both combos are unbeatable. If you have to impress any Bengali ever in your life, just indulge him/her in 'Bikeler adda' (evening ...
Baingan ka Bharta / Begun Bhorta / Smoked eggplant curry
Veg Recipe
Jan 12, 2016
Whenever food has smoked or grilled flavour, there is no second thought about it. Because it has to be tasty. There are so many colorful vegetables available in grocery market during winter. I told you before that my love for winter is only because of food. We can make and also consume without any tension various types of food. Today I am talking about 'eggplant'. Though we both are not big fan of ...
Singara (samosa)
Veg Recipe
Jan 11, 2016
In India samosa is a very popular appetizer. We call it "singara" in West Bengal. Almost every evening my grandpa brought samosas from roadside shop and they were delicious. Last week I made samosas at home (inspired by my mother and husband) and they came out really tasty. So, please try this recipe at your home and impress your family.
Whole Tandoori Chicken
Nonveg Recipe
Jan 9, 2016
Last saturday 'he' brought a whole chicken from market. I got really panicked because I have never cooked whole chicken before. Immediately I googled for some ideas. First thought was 'murg mussallam' but then my eyes got stuck to a picture of whole roasted chicken and we both love chicken roast. So, the final decision was 'whole tandoori chicken'. The name itself describes it's scrumptiousness. E ...
Chicken Chaap
Nonveg Recipe
Jan 7, 2016
One of the most famous dish from Mughlai cuisine is 'Chicken Chaap' and the taste is unbeatable. You will find the actual taste and flavour in few restaurants in Kolkata. After researching for a long time on the authentic recipe of Chicken chaap, here is the way how I made it. This recipe will give you the exact flavour of restaurant style Chaap. This dish should not be eaten as regular meal. It h ...
Aloo ka Paratha / Spicy potato stuffed Bread
Veg Recipe
Jan 7, 2016
I have many stories about 'aloor porota' in my life. My mom used to give me pure bengali style 'aloor porota' in my lunch box during school life and my friends were always a fan of my lunch box. That was my first story of this porota. When I was in college, we (my family) loved to eat 'dhaba food' during travel. In India, each and every dhaba serve 'aloo ka paratha'. I tasted their paratha many ti ...
Chicken Pulao / Murg Pulao
Nonveg Recipe
Jan 6, 2016
One of my favorite weekday's meal is 'chicken pulao', because it takes very less time to cook. The dish is super tasty but very easy. I basically don't need any sides with this pulao, it itself tastes delicious. I only love to add potatoes but if you like other veggies in your pulao, feel free to add. This is also a very good lunch box option for adults and I can guarantee you that the box will re ...


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